Review: Vaults


Vaults have quickly climbed to become one of the most exciting musical acts of the moment. Their ascent not too dissimilar from lead singer Blythe Pepino’s arising from the tomb of earth in latest video for “Cry No more”. The trio most known for their contribution towards the Fifty Shades Of Grey soundtrack, proceeded the commercial stint with a stunning EP “Vultures” alongside stand alone track “Premonition”. Their music represents the kind of ambition, grandiose pop that could fill the hall of a cathedral both through its scale and poignancy. Their lyricism is swamped with contemplative metaphors which manage the feat of conveying the potential cataclysm and elation experienced whilst in love. The same drama is found in the composition of their music which often play between tender piano keys, riveting synths and heavy bass. Topping it all of is frequent distorted loops, employed to haunting effect.

They tackle their visual treatments in unique and creative ways too. Our favourite here at OTE is the vita opus “Lifespan”, where we see the passing of lives captured like framed photographs, doomed souls stood at the river’s edge, awaiting Death’s passing. Director Nick Rutter sites “Dance of Death” Paintings as the inspiration for the solemn peice.

Vaults “Cry No More” EP arrives on July 31

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