Review: Kimbra “Goldmine”


“Goldmine”, a track about self worth and inner strength was certainly a standout on Kimbra’s latest LP “The Golden Echo”, released last year. The songs message is that we all hold immeasurable power within ourselves and this is perfectly brought to life in the choppy, artful  stop motion clip released earlier this week. To help convey her vision, Kimbra collaborated with Chester Travis and Timothy Armstrong to physically animate 400 square feet of aluminium foil along with 700 polystyrene spikes. As the video begins, Kimbra is seen flickering in a dark basement before emitting gold particles of various shapes and sizes. As the clip progresses, Kimbra’s “Goldmine” manifests in various ways around the house, overflowing into the outside world before eventually making it’s way back to Kimbra herself, emitting though her like a beacon of self-empowerment.

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