Review: Yanis “Hypnotized”

  This week we honor quite a unique video indeed, Directed by Ludovic Zuili for Producer Yanis latest track “Hypnotised”. The wonder of this video is little challenged as we see a real life account rather than a work of fiction. As the songs title suggest, as well as the introducing text which explains that what we are about to see… is a real life hypnotism on screen. The video begins as a group of participants and dancers prepare themselves for the evening ahead as renowned Hypnotist Julian Hypnotiseur takes the to stage. Hypnotising the group the song drops as they dance uncontrollably before our eyes, and the results are disturbingly magical. A somewhat beautiful metaphor for what pure dance really is, a giving of your body to a rhythm without inhibition. The emotional climax of the video comes as they come around for the first time, crying and in shock for what they have been through as a group. The video progresses to  final ‘dance-off’ as all the members of the group are involved as a troup. Really worth the watch and really quite eerie.

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