Review: Josef Salvat


Parodying the tropes and predictability of a typical music video, Josef Salvat blesses us a with a witty treatment for new single “Open Season”. Visual ques introduce us to the various scenes which you’ve probably seen a million times before; the pretend chemistry between the artist and a fake love interest, the objectification and random insertions of video girls,  non discrete ad placement et cetera. Other times it pokes fun at industry stereotypes like the “precious director” and even paraodys itself with non-existent tropes like “The Cactus” or “The Camel”. Its a novel and humoring premise that doesn’t take itself too seriously. All of this is tied together by great cinematography and a charming performance from Josef.

Hailing from Sydney, this Australian crooner is our “One to Watch” for the week. You’ve probably heard his sublime cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” on  a TV somewhere, if not its well worth you’re time. His EP “In Your Prime” is available now.

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