Review: Lorn “Acid Rain”


It’s been two weeks since we posted a ‘Video Of The Week’ and though last weeks was a belter it’s simply because we have been very busy! However I am extremely excited to share with you our next Video Of The Week in “Acid Rain” by Lorn.

Directed very stylishly by Julian Flores, Pavel Brenner and Sherif Alabede we are thrown headfirst into the catastrophic and retching world of a young cheerleader emerging from a car crash. As the song drones eerily on the Cheerleader breaks into a dance as we see the carnage around her, blood sat on her face and her moves reflect the erratic situation. As she moves through the local diner she appears to have crashed into we are introduced to another Cheerleader, as passenger who has made it through the diner already and joins in on the dance, synchronizing their moves to the tone of the music and each other. As the video progresses we are introduced to more and more of these cheerleaders as we slowly come to the realization that they might be having their last dance in front of our eyes. The video ends as the camera moves through to the car again and we see the group, presumably dead within and our fears are realized. An enticing and gripping video taken from a Gothic American tale which mimics traditional horror trends. Somwhere between a Weeknd Video and a Childish Gambino we are loving this beautifully shot MV from Julian Flores, Pavel Brenner and Sherif Alabed.


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