Review: The Weeknd “The Hills”

This has got to be one of my favorite videos for a little while now, and certainly my favourite to come from The Weeknd. “The Hills” marks the release of The Weeknd’s recent new album and this promo directed by Grant Singer sets a hell of a tone. With dark medleys and an even darker visual the two compliment each other beautifully in the wake of a car crash.

Similar to our Video Of The Week this week (though I must state this video was released first) we are greeted in the wake of a terrible crash which has left a car flipped upside down in the middle of the road. The Weeknd himself clambers out of the vehicle as the sun sets on this suburban town and, bleeding heavily, he limps his way away from the car and down the street after letting out his female passengers. Shot in one beautiful take we see more of the scene as he tracks back with the camera and the crowd forms around the crash, stunned. The Weeknd’s emotional vocal line rings through as the catastrophe heightens as the were two passengers in the car, also bloodied and bruised, chase him down the street screaming and hitting him, clearly indicating his fault in the incident. The Weeknd continues to waltz away form the wreckage without a single glance back as the car finally explodes into a ball of fire in the climax of the song. He has clearly given up on the situation enough not to care about the consequences of his actions and tears himself away from view. A delightfully dark, beautifully shot video by the very talented Grant Singer. Enjoy it in the dark with the volume up LOUD!


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