Review: Skrillex and Diplo (feat Justin Bieber) “Where Are Ü Now”

Directed by Brewer
Production Company – Prettybird
Executive Producer – Candice Dragonas
Producer – Nathan Scherrer

Watching this video for the first time, the image that springs to mind is of a thousand and one music-video makers simultaneously punching a wall and exclaiming to the heavens ‘WHY OH WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THIS!’ Just as a creative person I felt like I needed to do the same. Because this is truly a great example of a simple idea on a large scale executed spectacularly well.

Where to begin? First off, what struck me about it was the level of community involved. Even though every drawn image is a fraction of a second long, you can see each contributor’s time and effort being used to make their own little works of art. Seeing (a very well drawn) Pikachu pop up, for example, shows us those involved were just happily doodling away the same way they would in a classroom or office meeting (which does make me wonder how many penis drawings were taken out; sorry Justin). Seeing these coupled with images of Justin Beiber, who’s just sort of being himself, brings the video back down to Earth, giving it its own unique buzz.
Secondly, the process of all this is shown. This may be just to reiterate how much of a good idea it is, but still, seeing the scale of it all is exciting. And, to conclude, IT JUST LOOKS INCREDIBLE.

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