Review: Highly Suspect “Lydia”

That Moment She Moves! Is the only sentence that needs to be uttered about this video for Highly Suspect’s new single “Lydia” Directed by T.S. and R. It is also one of my favourite uses of the one-shot-video technique yet as we are encapsulated the entire time, just waiting for… you got it… that moment she moves!

‘Lydia’ drops us immediately to the bottom of the ocean as we are introduced to a woman, seemingly drowned, tied to the ocean floor with thick rope. The first frame, a ticking watch, highlights the tension of the video as her time is surely running out and her life in danger. The one-take spread of this video is enticing and terrifying as we feel so connected to this space we worry about drowning ourselves. The video continues to explores more of the unidentified woman as her hair floats angelically in the light and bubbles wrap their way around her limbs until the first chorus drop on us like a bomb with the flinch of a limb. This is the moment we realize she is still alive and fret for her life as the terror sets in on her face. It slowly dawns on our captive that she is in trouble and she fights and wails to get free of her chains. The solo later kicks in as bubbles run wild across the body of water and she tries desperately to escape. She almost makes it too…. spoiler alert.

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