Review: Akase “Rust”

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Another great video out of the School of Radar Music Videos come sin the form of Akase “Rust” Directed by James Ward. This surreal video shows the juxtaposition between a man in a studio, and a suburban environment on the dawn of a new day. As the video progresses through the edgy camera work we continue to be enticed by our location and the jerking motions of the man. The introduction of some beautifully simple motion graphics marks out invisible grapples on both the limbs of the man as well as the edges and corners of the landscapes. We suddenly see how mankind is inextricably linked with out environment and the jerks from the man become a stylish dance as more and more puppetry marks out the geometry of the surrounding buildings. Clever editing and more beautiful camera work moves it’s way to the end of the song as we see the city we’ve been living in for 3 minutes start to crumble away and debry flies into the sky. The final shot damns on us as the man is lifted angelically into the sky following the debry. Left for you to make your own interpretation on the events this is a cleverly crafted video from a new and interesting visual director.

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