Review: tUnE yArDs “Real Thing”


It’s safe to say that  I’ve been on a little bit of a tUnE yArDs binge over the past couple of days. One song that I find constantly stuck in my head is “Real Thing” from 2014’s “Nikki Nack”. Directed by Tom Jobbins, the vibrant clip is the perfect companion to a song which deals with various themes including truly embracing the unique aspects of oneself. As the video opens, three mannequins are seen packing up various body parts in a monochromatic warehouse. Interestingly, all the mannequins are sporting the same colourful knitwear . However, anything that deviates from this acceptable amount of “individuality” is casted out from the rest of  body parts into a separate box. After taking a much needed break to stare at themselves in the mirror, the mannequins notice that the box with the thrown away pieces is making noise. With their curiosity peaked,  they open the box to  reveal Merrill Garbus and proceed to dance around the now colourful and eye-popping warehouse .

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