Review: Stromae “quand c’est ?”


French artist Stromae and Director Xavier Reyé string together an entangling masterpiece in “Quand c’est”. An artful tale of the perpetual plight of humans against the pandemic of cancer, wherein the destructive disease is depicted as grotesque fiends. Reveling in a Tim burton-esque darkness, Stromae stands tall as the centerpiece of the captivating visual. As he dances with death, his movements choreographed by Marion Motin are simultaneously elegant and frightening. Almost a mimicry of the cancerous creatures that surround him, Stromae convulses and postures in spidery forms, his limbs elongating to serpentine proportions. As the camera winds away, visual effects take the helm and we’re propelled down a winding tunnel showing a mass of concurrent battles between humankind and cancer as entangled web of chaos.

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