Review: Zara Kershaw “Count The Days”

Community Submission

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We have another double up here as a Radar Music Video Community Submissions hits our inbox in the form of Zara Kershaw’s “Count The Days”. Directed by Andrew Bainbridge.

‘Count the Days’ begins in a very traditional way with a studio setup as we see the artist perform against the backdrop of some quirky set design, though the unconventional studio lighting peaked an interest as it seamlessly translates itself onto the streets in some candid exteriors. Shortly after we are introduced to our protagonist as he tackles the trials and tribulations of his life, which reads as monotonous and empty of stimulus. We increasingly understand that this is building to a dramatic turn of character as he delves into a world of substance abuse and parades our previously explored exteriors with melancholic glee and a resounding pain, forcing himself to enjoy the life he has so little passion for.

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