Review: Naughty Boy ft Beyonce & Arrow Benjamin “Runnin”


With their bodies enclosed like cocoons, Guillaume Nery & Alice Modolo propel through a viel of blue, enveloped by a surrounding oasis. A truly wonderous opening to one of our favourite videos this year. Directed by Charlie Robins, “Runnin” plays witness to some incredible and moving water gymnastics. Alice Modolo dashes against the underbelly of the ocean, the suns rays piercing through its surface as her feet pedal along. Meanwhile Guillaume Nery runs against its sunken depths, the both of them partaking in a pilgrim of love. It’s truly a breathtaking companion to an already emotionally strong record delivered through powerhouse vocals, courtesy of Beyonce and Arrow Bejamin. As they voyage the camera spins and turns, shattering all perception of an above or below. When the lovers eventually find each other they embrace, their forms entwined, at home amongst the vast blue.

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