Review: DATA “Don’t Sing” feat. Benny Sings

This is a long overdue VIDEO OF THE WEEK this week int he for of DATA’s “Don’t Sing” Feat. Benny Sings. Focusing on the hidden fantasies and twisted nature of the human spirit, David Bertram Directs this beauty with great comic heights.

This video follows a suburban street and it’s occupants as we see their fantasies unravel one after another. From a woman cooking up a family meal, to an elderly man sleeping with his wife, we see the abstract fantasies that these characters believe themselves to be in murdering, terrorizing and sleeping with whoever they please. Probably a closer reflection of the suburban family than we’d like to admit, we thoroughly enjoyed the devilish nature of this piece. The video climaxes as one of the characters fantasies cause him to run his car off the road into a horrific explosive crash that breaks everyone else out of their imaginations and come rushing to help. Pulling the boy out of his car we see each character faced with the person that has been featuring in their personal little daydream and the ironic, very reserved reaction they have to their presence showing us that we can never really know what’s going on underneath the surface.

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