Review: Gilligan Moss “Choreograph”

Director Oscar Hudson and Gilligan Moss have just released a new collaborative effort for Gilligan Moss track “Ceremonial” which we love here at OTE. However this week we have decide to offer their first collaboration up for Video Of The Week to really ground your knowledge of this pairing.

Choreograph is a wonderful, surreal and somewhat nuts piece of work by Director Oscar Hudson to throw an audience out of whack with what they are watching. An almost hypnotic affair with similarities to videos like Crystalised by The XX, we see the same scene or two reenacted over and over as a young boy bops his head to the music whilst his family parade around the house around him, putting down food, shouting at him, walking through shot and generally being a constant presence unnoticed by the boy as he listens to his music. The scene gets more and more elaborate as different loops are seamlessly cut together (with the use of doubles – specifically not hidden within the piece). At certain points of the track the boy breaks his routine to deliver some glares to camera which shake us out of it, before riding straight back. Finally we get a close up of the boy as his face it morphed into an old man. At this point we feel the video might have ended, leaving us to question which was the reality, but no, we pan back to reveal a disgusting shack piled high with rubble as the man dances out the rest of the song. A surreal piece, brilliantly executed taking the tracks title to the very peak of the meaning. Groundhog Day.

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