Review: Disclosure ft Lorde “Magnets”


Lorde channels her inner assassin in the sleek and sultry video for Disclosure’s “Magnets”. Helmed by Director Ryan Hope, the visual opens on a gorgeous sci-fi terrence. As futurist airships circle the hill top property, a pensive Lorde peers out over the magenta horizon. Draped in an overflowing white gown, she bypasses fellow party goers to give piercing eyes to her future victim. “…bet the world she don’t know… pretty girls don’t know the things that I know” She sings coolly.

What follows is some fiery romancing between Lorde and this man who we know to be married. In between close-ups of passionate kissing, lengthy shots chase them around his apartment, cleverly transitioning between their heated affair and his docile domestic life. Once we see his wife sporting a bruise under her eye, its clear the later relationship isn’t as docile as first imagined.The climax reveals that his wife is not at all aloof to the goings on under her own roof and that Lorde is in fact a honey trap; exposing his fraudulent character and delivering some hellish revenge in return.

One comment

  • This is so totally awesome!! I love it!! Disclosures music is incredible and Lorde is fantastic as always!!


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